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Privacy Policy - Cheap Airport Parking

Cheap Airport Parking Takes your privacy and security of your personal information seriously. Here are some notes on using our site and airport parking comparison services.

What personal information do we ask for?

Cheap Airport Parking doesn't actually collect any information about you regarding your airport parking booking. Instead, Cheap Airport Parking has arranged with the UK's leading airport parking booking agents who specialise in airport parking to provide a service to you via the Cheap Airport Parking web site.

We search for prices and availability through the various companies' booking engines and provide you with results of available airport parking for your chosen dates. You can click on the choices to go to the airport parking booking company's own web site.

When you are ready to confirm your booking, you will be asked for your name, your postal address and your fax number and e-mail address (if applicable). This will be supplied to the respective booking company and you should check with their privacy policy if you need to. Our partner airport parking booking agents have years of experience and an excellent reputation.

Payment and Credit card Security

When you pay online you will be using the respective airport parking booking site's secure payment service. All our partner companies use industry standard SSL [Secure Socket Layer] 128bit encryption to secure and scramble your credit card details. All payment pages will display the https:// in the address bar and the padlock symbol to indicate the page is secure and safe for you to enter your payment details. You can read Online Security if you are not familiar with using your Credit Card online.

When you are asked for the credit card details you will also be asked for the card holder's name, number, expiry date or valid-from date or issue number. When paying by debit card or switch you will also be asked for the 3 number CVV2 security number on the signature strip on your card. You will also be asked for a contact telephone number in case there is a problem or the airport parking booking agents need to contact you about your booking.

What does the booking agent do with your information?

The airport parking booking agent will need your name to forward on to the car park operator who the booking has been made for.

The Credit / Debit Card details will obviously be used to collect payment for your booking and will be processed by an authorised PSP [Payment Service Provider] approved and authorised by the merchant bank used by the airport parking booking agent as their chosen card processing provider. The PSP and Merchant Facility of the high street bank that will process your payment is regulated and authorised by the FSA Financial Services Agency.

Your name & address will be used to verify who owns the card used for payment and your address will also be used to post the airport parking booking confirmation to if you have elected to receive the booking by post if there is sufficient time at least 10 days prior to your arrival date.

We might use your 'telephone number' or 'e-mail address' in the unlikely event that we need to contact you urgently about your airport parking booking.

Your address may also be used to post any information about any special offers and promotions that the respective booking agents think would be of interest to you. If you would prefer not to receive any such information you can 'opt out' of this option.

The airport parking booking agents also may use your PC IP address [the IP address is a unique series of numbers that identifies EVERY PC] and as such your IP address may be used (Internet Protocol) address to diagnose problems with the airport parking booking agents server and administer the site - monitoring visitor traffic patterns and site usage [how you navigate the site] to help the company develop and improve their airport parking web site further.

How do the airport parking booking agents protect customer information?

All the information you give to the airport parking booking agents is protected by a secure server. The information is only de-encrypted and deciphered when it reaches the airport parking booking agent's server.

The respective airport parking booking agents servers are housed securely and protected by a robust Firewall [security software] to effectively block hackers and to block all unauthorised access to the information.

Do the airport parking booking agents use cookies?

Firstly, read what is a "cookie", if you're not familiar with the term. The airport parking booking agents usually use "temporary cookies" which are only used during the booking process.

Do the airport parking booking agents give your information to anyone else?

The airport parking booking agents will not disclose any personal information other than to the operators of the car parks for your booking and they will never disclose credit/debit card numbers unless we believe, in good faith, that the law requires it.

Will the Booking Agents use the information you give for direct marketing?

Yes, but the airport parking booking agents will ask for your permission and they will only send you details of the products and services they offer. If you find that you'd rather not have any contact with the airport parking booking companies you should "opt out" or you can write/e-mail to the company concerned.

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